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What makes Einkorn different than modern wheat?

Its earth's first wheat, never hybridized, or touched by 'science'
Exceptional flavor - nutty, wheaty, yummy
Good-for-you gluten that's easy-to-digest
Rich in vitamins, minerals & antioxidants
The most protein of any grain & high in dietary fiber
Organic & sustainably farmed

Certified awesome!

USDA Organic Pasta
Non GMO Pasta

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Einkorn is nature’s first wheat, first grown by humans in the Neolithic age over 14,000 years ago. Untouched by man, einkorn is nutrient-rich, drought-tolerant and contains a unique gluten that is easy to digest and its low-inflammatory properties may even fight celiac disease.

Einkorn has a delicious, nutty, wheat flavor with a slight natural sweetness that’s pleasing on the palate.

After years of research, testing, and consultation with dietitians, food scientists, and consumers—we established a consistent and meaningful way to label our products highlighting einkorn’s ‘AA’ good gluten. Our Certified Gluten AA seal clearly calls to attention what makes Revival Einkorn’s gluten uniquely suited to human digestion and health.

Einkorn has a unique taste and gluten profile because it has never been hybridized. So it retains all the goodness mother nature intended. It has a protective hull inoculating it from insects and microbial threats - so it doesn‘t require pesticides or fertilizers. Also, its deep root system means it doesn’t need lots of water to thrive.It also contains a much denser concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that modern wheat does.

Einkorn is grown throughout Europe, and parts of the US and Canada. Revival Einkorn is sustainably grown on organic, family-owned farms in Spain.

Einkorn is a complete food containing an unusual concentration of vitamins, minerals, antioxdiants, fiber and more protein than any grain. It also has a unique gluten called Gluten AA that’s easy to digest and supports a healthy inflammation balance.

Right here, on this website. Our first einkorn product is pasta but we have other wonderful products in the works. You can also purchase Revival Einkorn at fine retailers like Erewhon, Lazy Acres, Jimbos, Mothers Markets and other fine natural food stores.

Yes and yes. Revival Einkorn products are certified organic, non-GMO, and Gluten AA. Because of Einkorn’s protective hull and deep root system it doesn’t need pesticides, fertilizers, or irrigation to thrive – taking what it needs from nature... and nature alone.

That’s a good question. Einkorn is not recommended for those already diagnosed with celiac disease. Although recent studies show that eating einkorn instead of modern wheat may actually prevent some people from getting it.

Currently, we’re working on several other einkorn product lines like cereal, crackers, milled flour and bread mixes, tortillas and flatbreads.

Another great question! Technically, the answer is no, but new studies have proven early man did not live on animal protein alone and that einkorn was a big part of their diet. Einkorn was valuable nutrition when animal prey was migrating or in hibernation and edible flora lay dormant or was out of season.

About 14,000 years ago, Mesopotamian hunter-gatherers made an incredible leap. They invented farming. For the very first time, humans had predictable food source. And the first wheat they grew? Triticum monococcum: Revival Einkorn. We think that’s pretty inspiring, and it’s why our products are adorned with the Matriarch of Einkorn. She symbolizes our dedication to turning back the clock and reviving a love of Mother Nature's very first wheat.

Sustainably grown in harmony with nature.

Revival Einkorn's protective hull means it doesn't require pesticides to ward off pests and its deep root system provides all the water it needs to thrive without irrigation

Customer feedback

“This pasta was great! The size and texture were spot on. I added a few tablespoons of my meat sauce and parmesan cheese, and thought this pasta was better than the normal pasta I use.”

– Belinko Matsuura

“Best pasta I have ever eaten. I do not eat "white" pasta often as it has no flavor. We used the a high quality olive oil, sea salt, garlic and a bit of fresh basil. This is a wonderful product. Thank you!“

– Marilyn Smith

“Simply delicious... I've had whole wheat pastas before and quite honestly wasn't a fan of the texture — but this is an entirely different ballgame. I didn't feel bloated and lethargic after dinner like I sometimes do with normal pasta.”

– Linda Dodson