Revival Einkorn

Gluten & grain free?

Revival Einkorn (Triticum monococcum) is a complete food and earth's first wheat. Pure as nature intended, nutritionally dense, and easy-to-digest with its own unique (and healthy) gluten, Revival Einkorn just may make you reconsider the gluten and grain-free diet ultimatum and let you 'love wheat again'.

New discoveries are finding that early humans harvested and ate einkorn over 14,000 years ago, at a time when we previously understood them to be hunters and gatherers living primarily on animal protein and wild seasonal flora. Fortunately, einkorn provided a high-quality food source when herds migrated and/or indigenous plants went dormant. Einkorn blessed these early inhabitants with a more balanced, complete form of nutrition that helped spark the age of innovation, farming and exploration.

Including einkorn as part of your regular routine can do the same thing, literally changing your body’s chemistry with its prebiotics, digestibility and its support of a healthy inflammation balance. High levels of antioxidant lutein support vision and brain function, while naturally occurring vitamins and minerals provide essential nutrition. Throw-in its high fiber and low starch content, highly digestible gluten (Gluten AA) and great taste and you can see why we encourage modern humans to 'love wheat again' - just as our ancestors did - when gluten, allergens, inflammation and obesity wasn't a problem.

Revival Einkorn is...

Powerful nutrition

Highly digestible

Good for your gut

Good for your vision

Good for your brain